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Other activities

COMPUTE organizes two annual events, the Winter meeting and the Summer retreat. The Winter meeting is a workshop in Lund with presentations under a common theme and is open to anyone. The Summer retreat is for COMPUTE members, PhD students, partners, and supervisors, and invited lecturers and focuses on skills development, usually at a location outside of Lund, but not always.

COMPUTE also organizes other workshops, sometimes in collaboration with partner organizations, and lunch mingles for networking and exchanging experiences. In addition, we host peer learning groups and provide materials for self-learning.

Please check the COMPUTE calendar regularly!

Peer mentoring groups

Peer mentoring groups bring together likeminded COMPUTE members in small groups who meet monthly to council each other on career development, soft skills and other topics of choice related to their research and transition to their next job.

To be part of the next round, please register here (registration closes 20240415).


2024 Winter Meeting

The 2024 COMPUTE winter meeting will be on 22nd march, fika to fika. The event focussea on "Computational Science and Sustainability" and is organized jointly with the LU profile area "Nature based future solutions". It targets PhD students as well as researchers.

Ongoing Activities

Lunch mingles

COMPUTE lunch mingles are a chance to connect with fellow COMPUTE students and researchers in an informal setting and discuss topics related to your research as well as soft skills, career development and organizational topics. Each mingle has a main topic, announced on the respective COMPUTE calendar page, but participants can also chat freely about other things that interest them.

Peer-learning groups

Peer-learning groups are for people who want to acquire a certain skill on their own and connect with others who do the same. 

We are currently conducting a survey for peer-learning group topics.  The COMPUTE team will go through the suggestion and will put members with matching interest into contact and assist in the setup of the group.  The survey is active until the end of March 2023.

        Suggestion form for a peer-learning group

Currently, we have the following peer-learning groups:

If you want to join or have ideas for additional peer-learning groups, please read the websites for each group and get in touch.

Self-study material

Some of the COMPUTE courses and peer learning groups have released material for self-studies.

AI in Medicine and Life Sciences – AI for image and video data

Course material

Reproducible and Interactive Data Analysis and Modelling using Jupyter Notebooks

Course material

Solving PDEs with DUNE-FEM

Course material

DUNE tutorial


For the material from the peer learning groups click the links to their pages above.


Workshops History

2023 Summer Retreat

The 2023 COMPUTE summer retreat happened on the 23rd October. The event focussed on Career Advice and targets PhD students as well as researchers.

2023 Winter Meeting

The COMPUTE Winter Meeting 2023 was held on Friday 10 March in MA:3 in the Math Annex building. The theme was "Profile Areas".

2022 Sustainability and Computational Science

This one-day workshop was held on 24 November 2022, fika to fika, in room MA:4.

2022 Summer Retreat

The 2022 COMPUTE Summer Retreat took place place on 23 - 24 August at  Rusthållargården in Arild. The theme was "Scientific communication in scientific journals and beyond".  

2022 Winter Meeting

The COMPUTE Winter Meeting 2022 was held on Wednesday 9 March in E:A and over Zoom. The theme was "Crossing Scientific Borders".

2021 Autumn Methods Workshops

The Faculty of Social Sciences offered nine Autumn Workshops in Methods and Methodologies from early September through late October 2021.

2021 Summer Retreat

The 2021 COMPUTE Summer Retreat took place online on 23 August 13:00-16:00 and on 24 August 9:00-12:00. The theme was "Project and time management".

2021 Winter Meeting

The 2021 COMPUTE Winter Meeting took place on 5 March over Zoom. The theme was PhD students talking about their work.

2020 Summer Retreat

The 2020 COMPUTE Summer Retreat took place on 17 August over Zoom, with a theme of "Careers after COMPUTE".

2020 Joint Workshop (LINXS website)

The joint COMPUTE / AI Lund / LINXS "Amyloid Workshop: User-friendly analysis of spectroscopy data with Quasar - multivariate statistics and machine learning" took place on 18-20 May 2020. 

2020 Winter Meeting

The 2020 COMPUTE Winter Meeting took place on 6 March, with a theme of "COMPUTE in industry".

2019 Joint Workshop (Lund University calendar)

The joint AIML - eHealth - LINXS - MVA - COMPUTE - eSSENCE workshop "Language technology in Medicine and Life sciences" took place on 8 November 2019. 

2019 Summer Retreat

The 2019 COMPUTE Summer Retreat took place on 13-14 August, at Örenäs Slott, with a theme of "Interdisciplinary research".

2019 Winter Meeting

The 2019 COMPUTE Winter Meeting took place on 8 March, in Lundmarksalen, Astronomihuset, with a theme of "Computational research in NMT".

2018 COMPUTE/eSSENCE Careers Event

The first COMPUTE/eSSENCE Careers Event took place on 2 November, 2018, in Lundmarksalen. There were presentations from Axis, Ericsson and Sony concerning their work and career opportunities within AI/machine learning and computing in general, and a mingle afterwards in Lundmarksalen and the Astronomy foyer.

2018 Summer Retreat

The 2018 summer retreat took place at Örenäs Slott on 20-21 August (lunch-lunch).

2018 Winter Meeting

The 2018 winter meeting took place on 2 March, in Lundmarksalen. Speakers included the thread leaders from the DATA Theme at the Pufendorf institute.

2017 Summer Retreat

The 2017 summer retreat took place at Örenäs Slott on 15-16 August (lunch-lunch).

2017 Winter Meeting

The 2017 winter meeting took place on Friday 3 March, with a theme of "Machine Learning".

2016 Summer Retreat

The 2016 summer retreat took place at Örenäs Slott on 15-16 August (lunch-lunch).

2016 Winter Meeting

The 2016 winter meeting took place on 29 January.

2015 Summer Retreat

The 2015 summer meeting took place on 17 August at the Ideon Gateway conference centre.

2015 Winter Meeting

The 2015 winter meeting took place on 13 March.

2014 Summer Retreat

The 2014 summer retreat took place at Ystad Saltsjöbad 18-19 August (lunch-lunch).

2014 Winter Meeting

The 2014 winter meeting took place 4 March.

2013 Summer Retreat

The 2013 summer retreat took place at Ystad Saltsjöbad 19-20 August (lunch-lunch).

2013 Winter Meeting

The first COMPUTE Winter Meeting took place on 8 March 2013.

2012 Summer Retreat

The first COMPUTE Summer Retreat took place at Hotel Åhus Strand on 20-21 August (lunch-lunch) 2012.

2012 Kick-Off

The kick-off for COMPUTE took place on 2 March 2012 and was an exciting day with scientific talks by the COMPUTE partners, general information and fruitful scientific exchange.

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