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AI Lund/COMPUTE lunch seminar: Pauline Kergus - Physics-informed learning for identification of a residential building's thermal behavior

1 December 2021, 12.00-13.00 - online

Pauline uses artificial intelligence to model the thermal behavior of buildings. As space heating represents a large share of total energy use, thermal networks, i.e. district cooling or heating networks, would be able to increase the efficiency of the energy system in an economic way. Thanks to the natural inertia of heat exchanges, these networks can offer flexibility. In order to explore this feature, it is important to model building's thermal behavior in order to enable the use of demand-side management control strategies. Pauline's research focuses on building such models through a physics-informed learning based approach, taking advantage of the available measurements. The goal is to use the obtained models to control power consumption and to build predictive models for production planning.

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Seminars at COMPUTE partner organizations

2 Dec 2021, 10-11

Nikolay Oskolkov: “Omics integration”, Segerfalkssalen, BMC and zoom.



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