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COMPUTE is a research school with a focus on scientific discovery using computing, but in the widest sense, meaning any research using digital tools or e-Science for short. COMPUTE brings together partners from several different departments at Lund University. The common theme for the activities of all these partners is the use of e-Science in driving research forward. Problems span all length scales from the microscopically small to the astronomically large and from pure basic research to applications of direct relevance for the challenges facing society today.

COMPUTE started 2012 as a research school within the Faculty of Science at Lund University. As of 2020, COMPUTE is also receiving funding from the Faculty of Medicine and from the Faculty of Engineering.

Watch a short video explaining COMPUTE:


Development of courses

COMPUTE develops new PhD level courses. The new courses are targeted at students with diverse backgrounds from a large number of partner departments. Course development is compensated by COMPUTE to the home department of the lecturers. If you have an idea for a new course, please contact the study directors.

Teaching of courses

COMPUTE provides several PhD-level courses each year.


COMPUTE hosts a number of seminar speakers each year. The seminars broadly focus on scientific results obtained using computational methods.

Careers events and alumni network

COMPUTE organises careers events of particular relevance to COMPUTE PhD students. We are in the process of setting up an alumni network to facilitate exchange between COMPUTE graduates and current members.

Annual summer retreats and winter meetings

COMPUTE has an annual summer retreat for PhD students, partners, supervisors and invited lecturers, which focusses on skills development. COMPUTE also organies an annual winter meeting in Lund.

COMPUTE lunch mingle

Lunch mingles are informal meetings for our community where different topics related to computational research are discussed.

Peer-learning groups

For those who want to learn a new computational skill in between our courses, we have recently started peer-learning groups, where you can connect to others learning the same skill.

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