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16 January 2024

Andrea Beck, Stuttgart: Scientific Machine Learning for Flow Simulations – Successes, failures and a way ahead

10:30-11:30 in MH:Riesz

Fika will be served from 10:00 for those who registered. The seminar can be attended without registration.


Andrea Beck is a full professor for Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics and deputy director of the institute for aerodynamics and gas dynamics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

In this talk, I will give an overview of scientific machine learning applied to fluid mechanics, in particular to the numerical simulation of flows and flow-related problems. My main focus will be the combination of scientific computing and machine learning, combining mathematical models with data-driven decision making and high performance computing. I will show some successful and also not so successful examples from my own journey into augmenting PDE solvers with ML models - from turbulence simulation to shock capturing and flow control. Along the way, I will discuss lessons learned and conclude by providing my perspective on the still missing ingredients towards true scientific machine learning for flow simulations.


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