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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Life Sciences – Introduction (NTF014F)

HT2023, 1.5 ECTS

– Published 12 December 2023

Artificial intelligence is rapidly entering medicine and life science research as well as pharmaceutical industry and health care institutions. It is also increasingly used in environmental sciences. This introduction course will give an overview over artificial intelligence concepts and methods and over current and future applications of artificial intelligence in medicine and life sciences. Societal, ethical and legal challenges will also be addressed. In addition, students will hear about ongoing research in this area at Lund University and develop a project plan for an artificial intelligence research project in their own research domain. This is the first course in the new course package on "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Life Science" and will not have any programming exercises. There are several complementary in-depth courses with practical exercises, each focusing on different types of data.


The course is targeted at PhD students, researchers and other professionals in medicine, life science, environmental science, engineering, maths or computer science or related fields.

Course info

course plan

Course days are Dec 12, 13, 14, 15, 2023. This is followed by a brief individual project (home assignment)

Project presentations and oppositions which serve as examinations are on Jan 22 and 23, 2024



Sonja Aits (course coordinator, teacher)

Mattias Ohlsson (teacher)

Rafsan Ahmed (teaching assistant)

Salma Kazemi Rashed (teaching assistant)



Deadline Dec 08