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Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Tools


VT2021, study period II, 7.5 ECTS


The course gives a basic introduction to techniques for simulating complex systems and processes, typically with many coupled degrees of freedom. The main aim of the course is to introduce the students to applications of these techniques. To this end, the course contains five one-week projects in different areas (astronomy, biophysics, elementary particle physics, medical radiation physics and physical/theoretical chemistry).


6 April 2021 until 15 June 2021


Course organiser: Anders Irbäck

Teachers: Anders Irbäack, Michael Ljungberg, Leif Lönnblad, Alex Mustill, Ulf Ryde


  • Basic competence in programming
  • Access to a standard desktop/laptop computer with internet connection

Additional information

Computational tools used: Large ready-made prgram packages as well as small programs to be written by the students.

Examination: Five written project reports, one oral presentation.

The course page at Astronomy and Theoretical Physics with access to the course plan.

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